Getting Started

What You Need To Know About PR:

    Public relations isn't something you need to do on your own, the current mind set of Indie Developers is "DIAY," Do It All Yourself, but that's not necessary. As public relations specialists we have experience and know how in the field of PR, we know how things work, and what doesn't. Public relations is, in its simplest form, creating the public's perception of a company, a game, or even a brand. 

What Are The Benefits Of PR?

    Aside from exposure, public relations develop a connection between company and consumer, game and player. We get people interested in your creation. The financial benefits of public relations are increased sales, and loyal customers. 

Why Do Independent Developers Need A PR Company?

    Just like large game studios indie developers need trained and experienced experts to do specific tasks, do you ask you ask your programmers to create your game's music, or do you get a qualified professional? Public relations agents are the same, they train, practice, and hone their talent in to becoming "Qualified Professionals" 

What Is The Cost Of PR?

    Like all services the cost is subject to the needs of the consumer, or the developer in this case. Large PR companies charge large amounts because they deal primarily with large game studios. As an indie you probably don't need the same services as larger game companies, but they, large PR companies still charge the same prices. 

How Does "BIGindiePR" Fit My Needs, And Budget?

    At BIGindiePR we're here to give you the best value possible, while still delivering sheer excellence in service. We take it upon ourselves to create custom contracts that fit your specific needs at the lowest price possible. We liken ourselves to a tailored suit, "made to fit you"

What You Need To Do To Start A PR Contract With Us:

    The first thing you should have is a game that you feel comfortable showing to the world, make sure the art, style, and music are how the finished game will look. Sit down and take a few minutes to write down a few things you would like to see happen for the game, in terms of coverage, sales, and recognition. Then take some time and look over  your game's budget, how much do you have to spend on PR, and what best fits your budget. After you've done these three things go to the "Contact Us" page, and use one of the methods listed to get in touch with us . We'll do our best to get back to you quickly with some ideas, and how we both can move forward. 

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