About Us

Who We Are:

    Bigindiepr was started in 2011, as a place for indie developers to find public relations representation for a lower cost than that of a larger PR company. Jeremiah started his career in video games the way most people do, he played a lot of games, decided that he wanted to be in the games industry, and took the initiative to do so. Jeremiah has worked as a video game journalist for some time, and his pro-indie attitude gained him some recognition as an indie friendly journalist. Deciding he could help even more indie developers by offering services mostly unaffordable to them at a much lower price.

Why We Do This:

    Simply put "We Love Indies." You guys are driving innovation in video games, and you're doing it without massive teams and large budgets. Yes we get paid for our services, but we wouldn't be doing it at such a low cost if we didn't enjoy working with indies. We do it so your hard work gets recognized for the art that it is. 

Our Goal:

    To provide services to you, the indie, at a lower cost than so many other PR companies. To provide you with professional, honest, and intelligent representation.

Our Goal For You:

    To get your creation recognized by the industry as an innovative, stylish, and consuming art form.  

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