Clients  This is the place to find our past, and current clients.

Owner & Developer: Tim Keenan
Game: A Virus Named TOM
Oora! Games
Owner & Developer: Joshua Scott
Game: Samurai Gachin
Game: Bubble Blitz
Moyo Studios
CEO: Rassmus Hanson
Deorc Enterprise
Owner & Developer: William Snee
Game: Dark Expanse
Chronic Logic
Owner & Developer: Josiah Pisciotta
Game: Bridge Project
Heavy Water
Owner & Developer: Matthew McDonald
Game: Axis Game Factory
U.F.O. Studios
Owner & Developer: Don Goddard
Game: Revelation
Gillis LLC
Owner & Developer: Daniel Gill
Game: Luna: Shattered Hearts

SillySoft Games
Owner & Developer: Dustin Sacks
Game: Meowzers Action Cats
1-Pup Games
Owner & Developer: Eve Park
Game: Pingo
Partners  This is the place to find our current partners


"Helping indie developers since 2009, wirezapp will help you trudge through the seemingly endless hours of development, and get your game out the door."

Sponsorships This is the place to find our current sponsored groups

 The Sacramento Game Development Meetup Group Bay Area Video Game Development Meetup Group  Colorado independent Game Developers Association